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i get emotional on mondays

"And I know that I've been asking a lot but would you run away with me right now? I've got the whole world figured out.”

what to expect: a lot of teen wolf feels, a lot of spazzing about one direction, and a very little amount of me being okay with daniel sharman's face.
don't be such a sourwolf

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None of us can choose our destiny, Merlin, and none of us can escape it.

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"I am really trusting, almost to my own demise. When you trust people so much that you aren’t able to see their true intentions, it can really hurt you in the end."

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We all go a little crazy sometimes.
Teen Wolf AU → After Allison’s death, Lydia goes a little insane.

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[cries but also keeps eyeliner intact]


Eclipse lunar 2014

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so theo james can sing

I’m pretty sure that this is what jesus died for

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❧ Flowers for Allison 

Day 1: The season you loved most -  season 3A

There is a pack of alphas trying to kill my friends. How do I stay out of that? ||There’s always hope.

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