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"And I know that I've been asking a lot but would you run away with me right now? I've got the whole world figured out.”

what to expect: a lot of teen wolf feels, a lot of spazzing about one direction, and a very little amount of me being okay with daniel sharman's face.
don't be such a sourwolf

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anon askedsierra kay or hayley williams?

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Stiles and Derek in the sneak peek for 4.06 “Orphaned”

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01x02 vs. 04x05

derek + destroying lacrosse sticks

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All my checks will…

bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.


Seagrams poppin’ in our refrigerator, $5 for 4 bottles and I save ‘em for later. I got: ramen on the left [left], pizza on the right [right], and a free month on netflix so we stay turnt up all night. 

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The moment Stiles realizes there’s something wrong with Derek…

My parents used to tell me I could do whatever I wanted as long as it was productive. They weren’t strict but they also did not want [my siblings and me] wasting our time. I play piano, I sing, I dance… I just don’t know how anyone could sit around and do nothing.”

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They were once Men. Great kings of Men. Then Sauron the Deceiver gave to them Nine Rings of Power. Blinded by their greed, they took them without question. One by one, falling into darkness. They are the Nazgûl. Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead.

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#the way these two look at each other #BYE


Not gonna lie… this did things to me. 


Meredith is not here for ANY of this